Maria Pia Matta

María Pía Matta

30 April 2014

María Pía Matta is a campaigner for the rights of women and indigenous groups and for more than 20 years has personified the independent station Radio Tierra, which broadcasts from Santiago with the goal of strengthening social dialogue among local communities. In 2003 she was appointed Vice-President of the South American branch of the World […]

Mireya Manquepillán Huanquil

Mireya Manquepillán Huanquil

28 April 2014

A member of the Mapuche indigenous community, like 4 per cent of Chileans, Mireya Manquepillán has been prosecuted for using an unauthorized frequency as the manager of Kimche Mapu, a community radio station covering the Los Rios region, 800 km south of Santiago. She testified to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination […]